ALL THINGS SOCIAL PART 1: Staying buzzworthy on social media!

ALL THINGS SOCIAL: Staying buzzworthy on social media

Calling all boss babes!

If 2018 is the year to take your business to the next level, we've got the tips and resources to help get you there! Join us for lunch and learn how your small business or personal brand can get the most return for your investment in social media.

This workshop is perfect for you if:
- you heard Facebook changed their algorithm but have no idea what that means for your brand
- you're looking for tools to help you implement your social strategy online
- you need a guide to show you how to create social campaigns that convert

Highlights of the workshop include:
- The Do, Don't and Don't Ever "Do This on Social" List
- The Almighty Algorithm
- Bee the Queen of Content
- Boosting and Promoting your Brand

Attendees will walk away with checklists, sample content calendars and social campaign creation tools for staying buzzworthy on social media.

Part I - Wednesday, February 21st @ 11:30am
Part II - Wednesday, February 28th @ 11:30am